WELFARE – Social Perception of Beef in Poland

We have the privilege to present the first report in Poland on the social perception of animal welfare, developed in collaboration with the Institute of Market and Social Research (IBRiS).

This document focuses on the health and well-being of livestock animals, which is a key area of our work. It is closely linked to the belief in animals’ capacity to feel and the necessity to consider their needs, welfare, and the awareness of their suffering when under human care. Various aspects of this issue are analyzed, including societal expectations regarding the development of welfare programs, political involvement in this field, the conditions in which animals are kept, awareness of sustainable farming practices, and issues related to food production.

The report also examines the legal context in Poland and the European Union concerning compliance with animal welfare requirements and EU standards for animal products from outside the EU. A crucial aspect of this report is to understand how various topics related to animal welfare impact the beef cattle farming sector. It aims to comprehend the level of public awareness and expectations regarding responsible and sustainable cattle farming.

We encourage you to explore the contents of this report, hoping it will provide you with valuable insights and conclusions in the discussed area.

Jacek Zarzecki

President of the Board of the Polish Association of Cattle Breeders and Meat Producers

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