Press Conference on the Image of Animal Welfare in Poland

On October 4, 2023, World Animal Day, a key press conference on animal welfare in Poland was held. The event brought together agricultural industry stakeholders to share their insights and discuss the latest report “Welfare. Social Perception of Beef in Poland,” commissioned by the Polish Union of Meat Cattle Breeders and Producers in cooperation with the IBRiS Institute for Market and Social Research.

The conference was attended by Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Commissioner for Agriculture, and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Krzysztof Ciecióra, who emphasized the role of animal welfare in policies and support for breeders.

Jacek Zarzecki, President of the Polish Association of Cattle Breeders and Meat Producers, noted that “public acceptance of the program to support welfare solutions is crucial.” He added that consumers expect more openness about animal husbandry in Poland.

The conference was an opportunity to present the results of the report, which show that more than half of Poles (55%) are aware of improving animal welfare in the country. The survey also showed that the public favors the introduction of stricter penalties for violators of animal protection laws. In addition, Poles are willing to pay more for products that are certified for animal welfare and come from sustainable farms.

Jerzy Wierzbicki, president of the Polish Association of Meat Cattle Producers, stressed that the research shows the importance of animal welfare issues for Polish society. “During the work on the ‘Polish Beef 2030’ strategy, the issue of ethical and transparent breeding was a key motive,” he added.

The conference was a significant step toward raising awareness and the importance of animal welfare in Poland, and participants expressed hope for continued dialogue and cooperation in this important field.

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