#MinRolTweetUp – Fighting for Animal Welfare  

In May 2023, an event took place that united representatives of Polish agriculture and breeders in the #MinRolTweetUp. Key participants were the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus, and Secretary of State Rafal Romanowski, who patronizes the #StopFoodDisinformation campaign. The event focused on two important topics: animal welfare and the fight against disinformation.

Minister Telus stressed that disinformation about agricultural products, especially those from Ukraine, can have disastrous economic consequences for Poland. It is important to counter false information and promote Polish agricultural products as high quality.

In the context of animal welfare, the minister noted that Polish farmers take care of their animals, and farming is not just a business for them, but also a passion. Poland initiated the Welfare+ program, and the EU has followed suit, allocating more than €1.5 billion for this purpose. This demonstrates the country’s commitment to providing better conditions for cattle.

During the event, a Joint Declaration was also signed by Polish agri-food organizations, food producers and other stakeholders to combat food disinformation and fake news about food. This is an important step to protect the Polish agri-food industry from unfair competition and misinformation about its products.

The #MinRolTweetUp underscored the determination of Polish breeders and food producers to take care of animal welfare and promote Polish food products as high quality and reliable.

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