Animal Welfare in Poland – Truth vs. Myths part II

In Poland, attention to the welfare of farm animals, especially cattle, is the foundation of responsible breeding. Polish law defines a number of regulations and standards that breeders must follow to ensure the best possible living conditions for their animals. This is not only a legal obligation imposed on breeders, but also an expression of their desire to provide animals with decent and safe living conditions.

Polish cattle breeding standards at the highest level

Cattle breeders in Poland are constantly striving to raise the standards of keeping their animals. Adequate housing conditions, spacious stalls, access to clean water and an adequate diet – these are not only legal requirements, but also principles that guide Polish breeders. Making every effort to provide cattle with comfort and decent conditions is a priority for the entire sector.

Pioneers of animal welfare in Europe

Poland, as one of the leaders in European agriculture, is also becoming a pioneer of animal welfare measures. The National Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy for 2023-2027 includes investments of as much as €1.4 billion to compensate farmers who take steps to improve animal welfare. This is an expression of Poland’s huge commitment to caring for its livestock.

Cattle breeders in Poland are not only meat producers, but also advocates for the welfare of their animals. They work with each other and with organizations of breeders, producers and processors to focus on improving breeding standards. Their commitment comes from both legislation and the belief that animals deserve the best possible living conditions.

Polish Cattle Breeding

Polish cattle breeders are taking concrete steps to improve the welfare of their cattle. They are the ones initiating modernization of breeding facilities, investments in more space for animals, access to natural light and fresh water. For Polish breeders, caring for cattle is not just a legally imposed guideline, but first and foremost an expression of their concern for these animals.

Compliance with animal welfare regulations is not only a matter of the animals themselves, but also of food quality and consumer safety. Breeders understand that animals kept in healthy and safe conditions bring better agricultural production and provide quality meat products to the market.

Polish cattle breeders are true defenders of animal welfare and stress that it is their moral and professional duty.

Fight against illegal slaughter

The fight against illegal slaughter is one of the priorities of the Polish beef sector. The Polish Beef Sector Council has proposed a “zero tolerance” program in cases of animal welfare violations. This demonstrates a determination to eliminate practices that threaten animal welfare and the image of Polish agriculture.

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