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About Us

The LivestockCare.eu team is a group of specialists passionate about improving animal welfare standards in agriculture. We understand that animal welfare is not solely an ethical issue – it is an integral part of a sustainable, efficient, and responsible agricultural sector.

Our priority is to provide reliable, research-based information about animal farming, its impact on human health and the natural environment. We strive to create an open platform for dialogue that allows for the presentation of diverse perspectives, promoting responsible dietary choices in a sustainable manner.

Our efforts are focused on educating the wider public about the benefits of caring for animal welfare. We believe that responsible and conscious farming translates into the well-being of both humans and ecosystems. Our goal is for agriculture to not only provide food but also be a symbol of innovation, commitment, and responsibility for our shared planet.

Our Principles

LivestockCare.eu aims to facilitate readers in making informed decisions about meat, based on reliable information while respecting diverse perspectives on the subject.


We support and promote modern technologies and practices that contribute to improving animal welfare, agricultural efficiency, and environmental protection.

Respect for Animals

We believe that every animal has the right to a dignified and safe life. We endorse practices that ensure the highest level of welfare for animals.


We strive to provide information based on scientific evidence in a transparent and understandable manner.


We acknowledge our responsibility to educate the community and decision-makers about the importance of animal welfare and its impact on human health and the environment.


We are open to dialogue and cooperation with various stakeholders, including farmers, scientists, the general public, and consumers.

Sustainable Development

We aim to align our actions with the principles of sustainable development, which consider the balance between the environment, society, and the economy.

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Our Goal

LivestockCare.eu is a fully credible source of information on animal farming and meat consumption. Our mission is to counteract misinformation often found in public discourse by providing consistent, scientifically-backed data.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their dietary beliefs, should have access to true, unmanipulated information. That is why we respond to attacks from extreme vegans, undermining their arguments with scientific and practical evidence.

Our aim is to create a platform where readers can find reliable, objective, and insightful information about meat, its production, and consumption. The gathered materials come from various sources worldwide, ensuring a comprehensive overview for our users.

We want to build a space for open, honest, and fruitful discussions. Our approach promotes healthy, sustainable, and ethical dietary choices that consider not only human needs but also animal welfare and environmental protection. In this spirit, we support and promote innovations in agriculture and animal farming that can lead to improved animal welfare, production efficiency, and sustainable development.